Peer-to-peer texting beats phones, mail, and TV in terms of votes per dollar. With 90% open rates and unlimited scalability, there’s no reason your campaign shouldn’t be using text messaging to reach and engage with your voters.

The Movement Labs Difference

We leverage open source technology, volume pricing, and a dedicated volunteer community to provide the most affordable texting services around. We also bring best practice expertise from 500 million texts, thousands of A/B tests, and dozens of randomized controlled trials.

We provide full-service text campaign management:

Volunteer Recruitment & Management

Movement Labs can either work with your volunteers or bring in our own trained texting volunteers who are looking for campaigns and candidates to support. We have online training and support staff ready to answer your volunteers’ questions 7 days a week, so you can focus on winning your campaign.

Campaign Strategy

We’ve run hundreds of campaigns at every level and sent millions of texts—we know how to integrate your texting program with the rest of your campaign plan, in field, comms, and finance. That way each of your team’s objectives is served by this extremely powerful communication tool rather than being at odds or competing for attention.

Script Testing & Best Practices

We use our experience and messaging research to help us craft the most effective content for you. We make sure your scripts work by doing 24-hour turn-around A/B testing runs before a major push.

Texter Quality & Message Audits

We have systems in place to help analyze the results of texting campaigns and alert us if any texters seem like they might need a bit more coaching or support—or if any voters need some outreach from the campaign staff.

Ready to start texting and win your election?

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