Powering The Movement

We’re data junkies, mobilization organizers, technology nerds, and political agitators who are passionate about doing the most good that we can.

Management & Finance

Yoni Landau


Former White House OMB and Robert Reich staffer. Co-founder of, a campus food co-op organizing non-profit. Non-profit, organizing, and advocacy consultant. Yale MBA.

Brandon Salesberry

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Long

Director of Development

Indiana University of Pennsylvania BA. Former nonprofit development director. Certified Life Coach. Reiki Master. Dog mom. Passionate about nature and social justice.

Solace Porter

Development Associate

Advocate passionate about empowering disenfranchised groups. Loves cooking and travel. Oberlin College BA in Law & Society with a minor in Politics, Yale Law School Fellow.

Tamara Miller

Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration

Black Led Orgs & Advocacy

Char Singleton

Senior Organizer

Creative Strategist, Plant Mom, Trainer, and Direct Action enthusiast with a deep passion for building Black power. Six years in Labor and Community Organizing. Political Science Grad USF ’12.

Lexi Brown

Advocacy Associate

St. Louis-based pet parent who loves TV/film and board games. Transitioned to advocacy from non-profits/campaigns. BS from Truman State, Advocacy Communication MA from Drake.

Contest Every Race

Lauren Gepford

Vice President

Worked for candidate campaigns, Party, labor and progressive tech for 10+ years. Loves: the Midwest, fighting for red/purple states, data, and dogs.

Breanna Chico


Feminist, Unionist, notable Butch. Seven years in community and electoral organizing. Dedicated to winning the long game in America’s reddest and purplest states. Por la Causa.

Brit Bender

CER Organizing Director

Brit is a Tennessee native and has a background in Democratic campaigns and organizing in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, New York, Tennessee, and Iowa.

Daniel Jubelirer

Communications Director

Seasoned campaigner, organizer & leadership coach. Passionate about leadership development, team culture and coaching for the movement. Loves to surf and play music.

Jacob Horn

Senior Operations Associate

Jamie Jarvis

CER Senior Organizer

Joshua Stephens

CER Deputy Organizing Director

Organizer, Southerner, and Musician. Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from UWG. Former campaigner and believer that power is built when people unite.

Kathryn Poindexter

Senior Advisor

Down-ballot champion since 2007. Faves include crafts, yoga, minor league baseball and smashing oppressive societal structures. Tulane U. DC is home.

Kellie Allen

Senior Program Associate

Advocate, artist, and traveler. Passionate about education and LGBTQIA+ rights. Wellesley College BA.

LaShun Roy

CER Organizer

Expert grassroots organizer, mobilizer, and activist. Dedicated to giving back to rural communities and communities of color. University of Texas at Tyler 40 under 40 recipient.

Maggie Fenger

Research Coordinator

Recovering election official. Passionate about voting rights. Proud resident of America’s High Five. Top 3 faves: dogs, horses, coffee. 4th gen Michigan State University Alumna

Sarah Pearson


8 years in campaign organizing, training, & GOTV roles across the country. Currently, Sarah lives in Washington, DC, and is a dog aunt to many.

Sue Lee

CER Research Director


Saul Cunow

Vice President

Proud New Yorker and Dad. Former Director of Research at Analyst Institute and recovering academic. UCSD PhD.

Evan Hutchison

Program Manager

Josh Hostetter

Senior Research Associate

Dr. Hostetter has studied elections for a decade. He has published articles and book chapters about voting, and he pioneered using field experiments to study election workers.

Sophia Garcia

Political Associate

Anti-fascist. Researcher, Field, Finance, recovering TX Senate staffer. Passionate about building community, the occasional trail run, and dignity. Many hands make light work.


Mari Volante

Director of Operations

Multimedia artist, plant lover, animal snuggler and live music fanatic. Also enjoys fighting injustice, giant cups of coffee, helping others, rainy days and being with loved ones. Dreams of sweeping progressive change and traveling the world.

Myra Barnett

Operations Associate


Operations Associate

Renee Zhao

Reporting Associate

Digital Organizing Services

Kevin Pujanauski

Vice President

Combined online and offline organizing to help win federal, state, and local elections, stay evictions, stop deportations, and end money bond. Chicago & enthusiasm enthusiast.

Jessica Clark

Director of Digital Organizing Services

Climate and energy researcher. Spreadsheet queen. Passionate about sustainability and holding our leaders accountable. Columbia University BA.

Tonya Slobuszewski

Volunteer Program Manager

Organizer, LGBTQIA+ & civil rights activist. Mental health advocate. Animal enthusiast. Lover of nature and all things art related. Moto: Be part of the change!


Sierra Jackson

Director of Sales

Alan Hyman

Senior Sales Executive

Music enthusiast, recovering Finance Director and social justice activist. DC native.

Jon Clancy

Client Management Associate

Technology & Data

Madeline Eden

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Sean Barnacle

Director of Data & Technology

Obama 2012, University of Missouri School of Law. Licensed to practice in Ohio and Maryland. Mayors Against Illegal Guns/ Everytown for Gun Safety 2013-2016. Ohio Democratic Party 2016-2021. Enjoys all things nerdy: chess, Dungeons and Dragons, and Japanese video games. Lives in Columbus Ohio with wife, two kids, and border collie.

Jeremy Heyer

Senior Full Stack Developer

Kevin Perez

UI/UX Developer

Robert Joseph

Data Manager

Organizer turned data practitioner. Has worked on campaigns from local to statewide in MI, NJ, WI, and KS. Loves history, live music, coffee, and hiking new trails. UMich ’19.

Mark D’Agostino

Analytics Consultant

Leonardo Falcon

Junior Engineer

Ian Lyons

Data Manager

Freshly minted Baltimorean. Virginia native. Data Dude & former organizer. UChicago MSCAPP, William and Mary undergrad. Ask me about housing policy, dogs, or drag queens.

David Gratz

Systems Engineer