Movement Text Training

Our Movement Text Training program aims to help expand the capacity of grassroots movement groups through hands-on training and coaching on texting best practices and strategy.

It is our goal that participants leave our spaces with tangible peer-to-peer knowledge and texting skills and an up to date understanding of how to use SMS. In our additional 1-to-1 coaching and feedback loop process, we work with organizations to have SMS conversations with tens or hundreds of thousands of people to register voters, recruit donors, or achieve other positive, measurable outcomes.


Texting 101 - How to Text; Designed for New Volunteers

Length: Estimated 75 minutes.
Purpose: To provide hands on training for volunteers in sending mass 1-1 texts.

Texting 201 - How SMS Campaigns Work

Length: Estimated 150 minutes.
Purpose: To provide hands-on training to organizational leaders and volunteers in using 1-1 texting to scale outreach strategies and increase their impact.

Texting 301 - Script Writing & Messaging Best Practices

Length: Estimated 150 minutes.
Purpose: Participants will gain hands-on knowledge and experience developing and testing winning messages based on the expertise of Movement Labs.

Texting 401 - Building SMS Campaigns: A-Z

Length: Estimated 150 minutes.
Purpose: Participants will gain hands-on experience building texting campaigns on Spoke, and potentially other platforms.

Building an Integrated Field Program with SMS

Length: Estimated 150 minutes.
Purpose: To provide best practices and strategies for building an integrated field program that uses SMS to increase the accuracy and scalability of community organizing.

10DLC Compliance and SMS Training

Length: Estimated 75 minutes.
Purpose: To provide guidance to organizations using SMS on how to get and stay compliant in the evolving 10DLC landscape.

1 on 1 Consulting for Organizers & Organizations

Length: Varies.
Purpose: Texting Best Practices, Initiating Texting Programs/Campaigns, Strategy & More.


We offer pricing on a sliding scale based on an organization’s income level and number of staff. We typically recommend smaller organizations share the costs of the training between several organizations or have a national affiliate, network, or funder cover the costs to offer the training more broadly.

For Organizations:

  • Organizations with Staff <5 or Budget less than $500,000 – $300 per hour of training (or we may be able to get funding, talk to us!)
  • Organizations with Staff Size 5-15 or Budget less than $1 Million – $400 per hour of training
  • Organizations with Staff Size >15 or Budget greater than $1 Million – $500 per hour of training

Our Training Lead

Our training team is led by Char Singleton, Movement Labs’ Senior Organizer, former SEIU organizer and Organizing Director with Dream Defenders. Trained formally with Training for Change, she has over 5 years experience working in the leadership development of grassroots organizers.


We’re committed to making our coaching as accessible as possible for all people in our community. We work with Language Justice centered organizations to meet the needs of our trainees. CART (live captions) will also be available.

Please let us know if you have any questions or access requests. You can include them in the comment box in the form below, or you can email

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